Philips Introduces New iPhone 5 Docks

Looking for a surround sound docking station solution for your iPhone 5? Philips has announced two new additions to their already illustrious smorgasbord of docking stations.

The Gadget-Wise blog spotted the new docks from Philips that come in varying price ranges to suit the needs of the user.

The first dock is a ringed base that provides circular sound and a front-facing clock that tells the time straight from your iPhone whenever it’s docked. The Lightning compatible docking station gives you a classic looking docking station while providing a neat time-oriented service as well. This docking station clocks in at $90.

The second, more beastly option has a higher price tag but carries a deep rooted bass system in its surround-sound setup, and it also offers the same time-telling feature as the cheaper alternative. If you want higher quality sound with a much more capable sound system then the Room-to-Room docking station might fit your needs for only $129.99.

You can learn more about both the new docking stations by visiting Philips’ Official Website.