Man Battles For His Stolen iPhone

A new video is becoming viral on the internet showing a vigilante battling for the sanctity of his stolen iPhone. In the video the man confronts the suspected thief and gets into a nasty brawl.

The video is fast and furious and never lets up, as reported by The Sun. 26-year-old Construction worker and vigilante, Kenneth Schmidgall took the law into his own hands when his iPhone went missing at a concert.

Using an app, he and his friend tracked his missing iPhone to a man on a bike. Whenever the man on the bike would stop, the iPhone tracking would stop. Eventually they decided to confront the man, and you can witness the footage over at The Sun.

Greg, Kenneth’s friend, pepper-sprayed the suspect after an 18-minute fight that Don King wishes he would have promoted.

Eventually an off-duty cop showed up to survey and calm down the situation as the men explained everything that had happened.

The video is going viral, showing how the law can be taken into the hands of a vigilante.