iPhone 5 Confirmed by O2

The iPhone 5 has been confirmed by O2, with the firm accepting pre-orders for the device.

O2’s Germany division has opened the pre-order registrations for the iPhone 5. However, it seems that consumers won’t be able to claim a premium pre-order, consequently resulting in possible long delivery times.

Fellow carrier AT&T, meanwhile, is reportedly preparing for the iPhone 5’s launch during the latter stages of September.

Apple itself will announce the device on September 12th, while a release follows just a week later for the US market on September 21st.

  • http://www.geekministry.org/ TC Johnson

    On my birthday! Too bad I prefer to communicate with a Jelly Bean instead of an Apple 🙂

  • F8TL-1032

    I’m so tired of seeing these articles mention the RUMORED September date with certainty. I’m sorry, did Apple actually invite you to the party already? NO. Then please for the love of GOD stop stating the Sept. date as fact!