Jam Offers Music Creation For iOS Users

If you have a penchant for making music but lack the necessary training or tools to create the music you’ve always wanted to, Jam for iOS might be able to help.

The new app from DreamWalk Interactive enables users to tap into their inner musician with Jam, which allows for music creation that can be shared and distributed amongst friends with ease.

Joe Russell, General Manager of DreamWalk Interactive commented in the press release, saying…

”Jam enables absolutely anyone to create original music, regardless of their musical abilities or experience, and best of all it only takes a few seconds!”

It’s pretty easy, you just select the style or genre of music you would like to make, sing, talk or hum into the microphone and Jam will automatically adjust the pitch and tone, so it’s easy to output the kind of music you want without any formal training or a lot of expensive voice-enhancing software.

Jam also makes it easy to share and distribute music with simple access to Twitter and Facebook, so your friends can see just how (un)talented you really are. You can learn more about Jam for iOS by visiting the Official Website.