iPhone 5 Users Consume The Most Data

A new data report on data consumption and bandwidth usage proved to provide some interesting results, with iPhone 5 users come out at the top of the pack in a few categories.

PC Mag gathered up the results from networking research and data solution firm, Arieso, where it was discovered that iPhone 5 users consumer 50% more data than iPhone 4S users and eat up four times more data than iPhone 3G users.

In terms of uplink data usage, the iPhone 5 ranked third behind the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II.

Study author and Arieso CTO, Dr. Michael Flanagan, commented about the findings, saying…

“This is pretty counterintuitive, but it seems the capabilities of the newest smartphones – not tablets – are unleashing even greater user demand. Once you move away from raw consumption statistics, the most remarkable finding is the way in which people use smartphones and tablets,”

A lot of the upsurge in data consumption was thanks to switch over to 4G LTE networks, enabling the latest handset users to make use of some of the fastest network capabilities available on the market.

You can learn more about the data by paying a visit over to the official Arieso website.