More Than 150 iPhones Stolen Every Day in London

If you think that theft of Apple products in New York and California is bad, it almost doesn’t compare to the amount of thefts taking place in London when it comes to mobile phones.

According to The Next Web, London’s 16,084 thefts that took place in December 2011 pales to December 2012’s 17,583 theft occurrences, which took place just a year later. A massive increase in such a short amount of time. Out of all of those personal robberies, there’s more than 300 mobile phones stolen every single day and half of those stolen are iPhones.

What’s more is that out of those 17,583 robberies, 9751 of those robberies happened to be mobile phone thefts.

Many of the thefts occurring are happening to young people between 20 and 30 and mostly of a professional status who are out on the town for entertainment purposes.