Facebook Lets You Make Free Calls Via iPhone

If you have Facebook and an iPhone you can use the app to make free calls without making a dent in your cellular plan.

CNN has a report on the new feature that makes use of the iPhone’s Wi-Fi so even though you’re not racking up a lot points on your carrier plan you’re still trucking out a lot of data on the data plans.

Nevertheless, given that the Facebook app makes use of Skype, it’s easy to simply chum up a buddy, chat it out on FB a bit and then give ’em a call without having to be charged for it, especially if you’re on an unlimited data plan.

There are, of course, limit to the feature, especially considering that you can only call people for free via Facebook if the other person has it, and the alerts for new calls only show up if the app is active and it sends you a notification.

Still, free calls via Skype on Facebook is better than paid-for calls the old fashioned way.