Momonga Pinball Adventures Launches For iOS (Video)

A new game from Paladin Studios called Momonga Pinball Adventures has officially launched for iOS, bringing a cool new twist to the classic arcade game.

So what makes Momonga Pinball Adventures any different from all the other pinball titles out there? Well, maybe it’s because you can blast through colorful levels sporting awesome level designs and challenging quirks to keep gamers both interested and entertained as they guide Momonga through the aesthetically poignant levels. Check the game out in the official launch trailer below.

Pretty cool, eh?

It reminds me of when Atari was rebooting Pong and they released that new-gen version sporting all sorts of cool mini-games and multiplayer features.

You can learn more about Momonga Pinball Adventures or pick up a digital copy of the game for iOS by visiting the official iTunes app store.