Siri is Not as Good as You Think

There are many little hurdles Apple has put down to slow down jailbreaking and get people to upgrade to iOS 6. Now they’re using Siri.Apple wants people to upgrade to the newest iOS and have been doing quite a lot to get people to do so. App exclusivity, over the air update alters and notification badges in settings that is the default. These are subtle annoyances, but now Apple has a lesss than subtle approach.

A user on Reddit asked Siri when the Super Bowl was starting. Siri’s response was, “If you update to the latest version of iOS, I’ll be able to help you with that” I’ve never seen a computer program blackmail the user so blatantly. Ok, that’s being a little unfair. Siri has plenty of other sports’ information available and Siri on iOS 6 is “smarter” than its previous incarnation. But still, this is a rather basic question, one that Siri was able to answer a month ago. The problem has come about during that time. Apple seems to have made previous versions of Siri more difficult to use.

  • SlimNick

    Because the old OS was not able to search sports in Siri the added that in iOS 6 dumbass

    • Jerry Mouse

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  • ben dover

    blackmail? From Apple? who would’ve thought they’d do that? Is android looking better now?