Talking Gummibar Launches For iOS

So maybe you have some kids who need some time management restructuring? Otherwise known as something to keep them busy while you deal with life. There’s nothing better to keep your rugrats occupied and out of your hair than a little something-something called Talking Gummibar for Apple’s mobile devices.

The game is designed by Talking Toys SL and promotes kids to interact, touch and respond to Gummibar who can also repeat everything you say to him with a “Repeat my Voice” feature that works for iOS devices with a working microphone. It’s actually not a bad device to help kids with speech pattern recognition and elocution.

The app comes with 9 different song and dance routines, interactive touchscreen functionality and hours upon hours of nonsensical fun that only young kids could enjoy. You can grab the app right now for your iOS compatible device for the low, low price of $0.00. That’s right, it’s free and you can grab a digital copy off of the iTunes app store right now.