Apple’s Shares Will Flatten Out in 2013, Says Analyst

No more riding the high horse of profit whoring…or at least, that’s what one analyst believes when it comes to Apple’s reign in the mobile smartphone market.

According to Information Week, ABI Research senior analyst Michael Morgan had some unflattering but potentially all-too-true things to say about Apple’s future on the stock market, noting that Samsung’s current dominance in market share value will leave the Cupertino, California company lagging behind to play catch-up.

Morgan also states that Apple has peaked or will peak throughout 2013 once it hits 22% and over the course of the next-five years the company’s stock value will relatively flattened out.

Senior practice director Jeff Orr also chimed in about the possibilities of the smartphone market and their dominance in the competitive mobile marketplace, noting that LTE 4G is the way of the future…

“With the successful launch of the iPhone 5 and competing LTE handsets from other leading OEMs, LTE handsets will be found in the hands of many consumers who do not even have access to LTE networks,” … “Apple is demonstrating to the market that LTE is not the only reason to buy a premium handset.”