NRA’s iPhone Shooting Game Gets Protested

There is a petition currently going on against the new shooting game from the National Rifle Association for the iPhone, as many feel it is inappropriate and teaches the wrong values.

Following the Sandy Hook shootings in New Jersey, the NRA declared that video games and not guns helped to contribute to gun violence. In an effort to assuage the anger against loose gun laws, the NRA released a shooting game for the iPhone that helps teach kids how to use guns and gun safety tips, well now it appears they’ve angered a great many people with such a move.

According to CNET the release of the app called NRA: Practice Range has caught the ire of some folks and has spawned a petition for its removal from the iTunes app store.

The petition is seeking 2,000 signatures and as of the publishing of CNET’s article, they gained more than 1,700 signatures, which is quite impressive.

As noted in the petition, it states…

Apple: The National Rifle Association’s new app “NRA: Practice Range” is an insult to the victims of gun violence, having been launched on the one month anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting. Out of respect for the victims and to signal Apple’s support for common sense measures to help end gun violence, we call on you to rescind your approval of this shameless new product.

The reality is that the app isn’t so much offensive as it is the tie in with the NRA after they made the harsh and unrelenting attacks on video game violence. Realistically, it’s all fantasy and any influence on using virtual weapons to shoot a target, whether it represents a human target or otherwise, is still the encouragement of finding entertainment in the use of firearms. It seems directly hypocritical that one form of gun use in games is disparaged but not another form of use is encouraged.