iPhone Cup-Holder Case Revealed

Need a protective case for your iPhone? Check. Need something to hold your coffee while you text? Check. The new Uppercup case protects your iPhone and your fresh cup of hot coffee.

According to the Daily Mail, Dutch firm Natwek has announced the experimental new case that has a fold-out latch on the backside of the iPhone case, which extends and allows users to place a cup or beverage within the cup holder slot.

Natwek spokesperson Kristian van Kuijk commented about the new device, saying…

‘We thought it would really be handy especially for people that text, Twitter or Facebook a lot while drinking coffee.

‘It wouldn’t work if you use your phone for calling, but you wont be needing two hands then either.’

The device is currently seeking funding on IndieGoGo but plans to release later this year for iPhone-hungry enthusiast in need of a mobile cup-holder for their beverages while they text.

You can learn more about the Uppercup by visiting the official IndieGoGo page to determine whether an iPhone case that double-downs as a cup-holder is worth it.