Syder Arcade HD Coming to iOS (Video)

A new side-scrolling, free-shooting, arcade blaster is launching for Apple’s mobile handsets called Syder Arcade HD.

As the name suggests, the game is entirely focused on bringing back old-school, bullet-hell shooters to the forefront of the gaming sphere with unparalleled action, non-stop shooting, and gamers looking to rekindle that nostalgic feeling of difficulty and challenge can welcome in Syder Arcade HD beginning January 28th for iOS compatible devices.

You can check the game out with a brand new trailer showcasing the sci-fi space action in all its unadulterated glory below. Enjoy.

The game sports six levels, three player ships, four difficulty levels, an Amiga-style soundtrack and enough nostalgic fun to keep you on your paces.

The game will launch at the budget price of $0.99 so it’s not like you’re losing out on much if you decide to dive in on that kind of investment. Again, Syder Arcade HD is set for release on January 28th.