PureGear Cases Bring Rugged Sexiness to iPhone

Need something sleek, protective and durable in which to encase your iPhone handset? Well, PureGear has a solution in the form of the PX260 and PX360.

The two new cases offer your iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 a sexy alternative to some of the other cases out there, insofar that they offer some rugged, thick-plastic protection for your mobile device. The PX360 has an additional bottle opener that also double-downs as a carrying hook to ensure that you don’t accidentally drop your iPhone or have it snatched from out of your possession.

Wired did mention a minor drawback to the cases and it’s that the audio jack opening isn’t very wide, so connecting some headphones or listening peripherals could prove to be a bit difficult. Still, the easily accessible, screw-on, screw-off PureGear cases are perfect for those who venture regularly into the great outdoors or do a lot of active adventuring.

You can grab the Puregear PX260 for $39.99 and the PX360 for $49.99 over at the official website.