Take Classic Photos With New iPhone Attachment

A brand new attachment accessory for Apple’s mobile handset has launched called the Photojojo iPhone Viewfinder that helps you take old-school photos as if your iPhone was a real camera.

According to CNN, the new Photojojo iPhone Viewfinder is an easy-to-use, suction-based attachment that connects directly over the top of the iPhone’s screen, as pictured in the main image above.

The result is that you squint into the viewfinder to align and snap the best photo possible using the accessory kit. The kit itself contains the viewfinder accessory that suctions onto your iPhone’s screen. Working in conjunction with the Daylight Viewfinder app helps you to take the photos you always wanted to.

You can look for the Photojojo at participating e-tailers for the suggested price of $29.99, plus shipping and handling.