Apple’s Shares Bomb on Poor iPhone Sales

The news is in, the facts have been stated and the numbers are irrefutable. Apple has unleashed their quarterly results for the fourth quarter of 2012 and it’s not pretty.

According to a detailed rundown by USA Today, the company out of Cupertino, California hasn’t been riding the success train as well as they had hoped.

The forecasts estimated Apple to move 48.3 million iPhones in the quarter, but instead they failed miserably, only being able to move 47.8 million iPhone handsets instead, causing a massive ripple effect in the stock exchange that saw Apple’s stock dive by an absolutely massive 10 whole percent, losing out on more than $52.33 on their share prices, bringing their total stock worth to only $461.69 a share.

Despite the atrocious performance in the last quarter, Apple’s head honcho was very upbeat about the news, with Tim Cook saying…

Everyone here is laser-focused,” … “Everyone at Apple has their eyes on the future.” …”We aren’t interested in revenue for revenue’s sake,”

Perhaps they should be.

In addition to poor iPhone sales, Macs only moved 4.1 million units, under-performing at an alarming rate considering that sales were expected to be close to 5 million. Perhaps Apple can recover from their giant missteps in the last quarter and save face during the first part of 2013.