Will Apple Debut Jumbo-Sized iPhones in 2014?

Early reports indicate that Apple with release two new iPhone models both suing existing tech, but news says Apple is looking into new tech for the models after them.The present iPhone 5 uses in-cell display technology and the two new iPhones, supposedly going to be released this summer, are using the same tech. That means they will also have the same 4-inch display of the iPhone 5. One of these new iPhones is said to be targeting at the mid-range market.

A report out of Japan suggests that Apple asked Sharp to cut orders of in-cell panels in half for next quarter. Additional reports say that Apple is moving away from the in-cell tech and looking at a new display technology: Touch-On Display.

This comes from DigiTimes, which while hit or miss on its predictions is usually right on the money with supply chain news. What this means is that the “mass production issues” last year with the in-cell technology might prevent an adequate supply in 2012, so Apple is looking elsewhere. This new display could mean a larger jumbo-sized iPhone with a 4.8-inch display as per the rumor-mill. While the rumor mill also said that this jumbo-sized iPhone would be coming out June, this news pushes that back to 2014 at the earliest.