Apple is Awarded 26 Patents, Including Multitouch

The big patent is for the technology of multitouch sensors, which have become standard in all smartphones today. The patent covers the original iPhone and all future touch devices. It follows a broad patent granted earlier this year covering a wide range of multitouch screen uses. For a while now, Apple and Samsung have been duking it out in the courts over patent violations and now Apple has the official paperwork for even more.

These patents were originally filed in the last quarter of 2007 and are credited to employee Steve Hotelling and former Apple employee Kenneth Staton. At the time Staton was a senior hardware engineer for apple and moved on to lab126, which worked on Amazon’s Kindle, last year.

Other patents include Apple’s loupe iOS feature for magnifying objects in the iOS for . This patent first filed in 2009 is credited to Ian McCullough and Peter Berger. Apple was also awarded a patent for noise-cancellation to enhance the audio of headsets connected to various iDevices, credited to industrial design guru Jonathan Ive. Others include how the iPad is packaged.