NFL Shuffle Makes A Big Splash For iOS

GREE has recently updated, or rather, re-ignited the public perception of their officially licensed card game, NFL Shuffle for iOS.

The title contains a collection of popular, well-known NFL superstars in a tactically charged card battle game where players are put in charge of their favorite teams. Coaching specified teams to success is a long haul, but completely doable.

David Healy, NFL Director of Media Strategy & Business Development commented in the new press release, stating…

“We are excited to launch NFL Shuffle giving our fans an innovative new way to connect with the players and teams they love,” … “We are pleased to give our fans more ways to engage with the NFL wherever they are and whenever they want.”

The game makes it convenient for iOS users to manage fantasy teams and even challenge friends in multiplayer bouts that includes teams from the AFC and NFC in cross-country mode.

Nicole Pozzi, Senior Manager of Multimedia Licensing for NFL players commented about the new game, saying…

“We’re very pleased to work together with GREE on this fun and engaging mobile game,”. “We’re confident that fans will enjoy this exciting new way of connecting with their favorite NFL players year-round.”

You can grab a digital copy of NFL Shuffle right now from the iTunes app store for all supported Apple devices.

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