Nearly Half of U.S. iPhone Users Have YouTube App

Nearly half of everyone who uses an iPhone in America also uses the wildly popular YouTube app, which may or may not come as a surprise to most iPhone owners.

According to a new report from mobile data company Onavo, as detailed on CNET, just three months after the app went live the new data chart shows that half of all iPhone users in the U.S. market have already installed and started using the YouTube app, which has racked up 44.5 percent of iPhone users.

Co-founder of Onavo, Guy Rosen, commented about the findings, saying…

“Onavo Insights processes anonymized, aggregated usage data independently of third parties,”… “The data is then passed through a set of statistical filters to clean out any noise and biases.”

YouTube is, by far, Google’s most popular app on iPhones, but some of their other apps haven’t done too bad as well. Check them out in the list below, courtesy of Onavo.

Google Search: 16 percent

Gmail: 9.8 percent

Chrome: 9.5 percent

Translate: 4.8 percent

Drive: 3.6 percent

Earth: 2.7 percent

You can learn more about the data reports over at the official Onavo website.