iPhone Hammered by Android in Global Market Share

New stats have been let loose regarding the total SKUs sold throughout 2012 for both Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Android. The news is probably both surprising and unsurprising all in one chaotic swirl of information.

According to TUAW, market research and analytics firm IDC, released some new stats on which phone dominated the global market with year-over-year comparisons and the iPhone, while showcasing some impressive numbers, paled in comparison to its arch-rival, the Android.

According to IDC, the iPhone moved a massive 136.8 million units throughout 2012, up 25.1 percent over the 93.1 million handsets moved throughout 2011. While this is great news for Apple given the growing market share of their products, this has nothing on Samsung’s Android, which moved a gargantuan 215.8 million handsets throughout 2012, a blockbuster 129.1 percent increase over the 94.2 million handsets moved throughout 2011. By comparison, Apple is like James Deen and Samsung is like Ron Jeremy. There’s a huge size different.

With all the rumors and speculation over the line-up of mobile devices Apple has planned for release in 2013, could it be possible that Apple finally beats Samsung in moving more units across the global market?

  • Akeem McAllister

    What devices do Apple have lined up exactly?

  • ben dover

    It really doesn’t make a difference. They’re all going to be copies of what android has. Android phones with 4 inch screens came out, Iphone came out with a 4 inch screen and suddenly it’s “innovative”. Same with pull-down notifications.