Doctor Says iPhone Can Save Lives

The iPhone has been used lately for more than just typical web surfing and app use. In fact, iPhones have become quite popular for medical purposes.

According to Dr. Eric Topol from an enlightening segment on Rock Center with Brian Williams, the iPhone can be used to help monitor vital parts of someone’s heart health to save a life, such as the mounted sensor that can help prevent patients from succumbing to a heart attack.

Apple Insider has a nice summation of the way some of these new health sensors can work for the iPhone, noting…

When one of these sensors picks up data of note, it will be able to contact a patient’s smartphone, or even a patient’s doctor in order to alert the physician and schedule an appointment. Such technology could cut down on inefficient practices such as mass screenings for things like breast cancer, with patients instead monitoring their own hormone and blood chemistry levels with smartphone-paired sensors.

This iPhone health care stuff isn’t officially sanctioned or approved but no one says that you can’t at least take precautionary measures to protecting your health by having additional sensors available to you in order to alert you or a medical professional about possible health risks.

  • JBbeast14

    What kind of case is that?

  • johnniecakes

    It’s an iPhone case developed by a cardiologist, which turns your iPhone into a portable ECG monitor. I believe they are past the testing stage and now getting approval for use. I will definitely purchase one for use when I do my volunteer work in third world countries.