iPhone 6, iPhone 5S Images Leaked

With Apple always in the news about what’s on the horizon and what they have in store for the technophiles and gadget-gatherers, it’s no surprise that photos of their alleged new devices are always in the news. Well, the latest bit of “rumor” comes in the form of something a bit more tangible, say, a photo of two alleged Apple devices, presumably the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6.

9to5Mac spotted the images over at NowhereElse.fr, a French tech website where the photographer purportedly got hold of the parts and snapped a few photographs.

It’s supposed that the iPhone 5S will be out as soon as this March and the iPhone 6 may release as soon as this upcoming July.

The iPhone 5S will allegedly have a plastic case, an A7 microprocessor and improved features. The iPhone 6 is said to have a larger screen, faster processor and contain a lot of the high-end features Apple is known for. Only time will tell if the images and the rumors come to fruition in the way that many tech websites have claimed.