iPhone Users Pay More For Apps Than Android Users

New market data from the Taiwan Digital Convergence Development Association located in Taipei, Taiwan, shows that 70 percent of mobile phone users in Taiwan use smartphones. What’s more is that 86.1 percent of the iPhone users admitted to downloading paid-for apps, where-as 69.8 percent of Android users said they purchased apps for their smartphone.

The Taipei Times has a rundown of the numbers and it’s quite consistent across the board, as the TDCDA surveyed more than 1,500 people and found that the average iPhone users downloaded more than 32 applications for their smartphone, where-as Android users only gathered about 17 apps for their smartphone.

Of those polled, it was discovered that 49.1 percent of the apps acquired for smartphones were games, with social networking apps coming in second at 33.8 percent and travel apps at 22.4 percent.

Despite more iPhone users paying to acquire more apps for their device, Samsung still controls the market share value 27.4 percent of the pie. HTC comes in second at 26.2 percent and Apple is third 19.8 percent of the market share value in Taiwan.