iPhones Losing Market Share in Asia

In a sad twist of news, the iPhone is no longer carrying its weight with pride in some Asian territories, especially Hong Kong and Singapore, where Samsung is now king.

According to the Huffington Post, the iPhone brand is losing steam and market share value to other notable brands because it’s just no longer hip.

In fact, the iPhone brand went from 72 percent market share in January, 2012 and fell 50 percent this month, just a year later. Samsung, with the Android behemoth, has managed to garner 43 percent of the market share value, shared amongst the likes of other brands and companies.

Tom Clayton, chief executive of Singapore-based Bubble Motion commented about the dire state of Apple’s falling market value, saying…

“Apple is still viewed as a prestigious brand, but there are just so many other cool smartphones out there now that the competition is just much stiffer,”

Young people still seems to be a target problem for Apple, as the report from the Post constitutes 70 percent of young college students already owning or planning to own an Android device, making it that much more difficult for Apple.

Perhaps with rumors of the cheaper iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 on the horizon later this year Apple might be able to win some of the popular young-people demographics for their flailing iPhone brand.