iPhone 5 4G Only Available Via Vodacom

If you live in South Africa and you want access to 4G carrier capabilities for your iPhone 5, you’re out of luck if you aren’t on the Vodacom train.

New Zealand focused site, Tech Central, unleashed some news about the availability of 4G LTE connection rates in South Africa and it comes with a bit of silver lining, acknowledging that the 4G capabilities are now present in the region but only from one carrier, creating a bit of monopoly on the carrier service.

As noted by Tech Central…

The newest Apple phone, which was launched in South Africa in December, didn’t support 4G networks at first because the company wanted to complete its own testing of them to satisfy itself they met its stringent quality requirements.

Well, the embargo is up and 4G networks is now the “In” thing in South Africa, so long as you drop your current carrier and switch over to Vodacom.