Foursquare Launches iOS Tools For Merchants

Do you have a business that you need to get out there for the public to consume? Do you want to ensure that the public has the best perception of your venue? Well, Forsquare updated their software to better support merchants and venue operators on mobile devices.

The new companion business app comes four years into Foursquare’s short-running operation, but it’s well-welcomed addition to the app that lets users find and search out new places to visit or hang out on the fly.

According to CNET, the new app will help business owners update the venue’s profile and information and make it more accessible and informative for users to find or book events at various locations.

A company representative at Foursquare revealed to CNET that…

“The Foursquare Business Companion App is another means for merchants to help manage their Foursquare presence without having to be in front of a computer,”

The new business companion app from Foursquare is currently available and will probably work wonders in helping business owners expose their venue to a broader range of potential consumers.