Flea Symphony Updated For Valentine’s Day

If you’re in the mood for some classical tunes with a bit of a twist, Flea Symphony offers a fun take on the classic puzzle-rhythm genre by tossing fleas into the mix. The latest update for Majesco Entertainment’s iOS title sees the addition of Valentine’s Day themes tossed in for good measure.

The physics-based puzzler received an update in the form of a Love Bug Music Mechanic. How exactly does it all work? Well, the press release explains it as such…

Players will use harps, string launchers and tuba cannons to help Harp, the Cupid Flea, in his quest to get two lovebugs to the altar in 20 new challenging but sweet levels.

The game itself is about players using the musically gifted fleas to help keep a music shop open by bringing in new customers. The idea is to use music-machines to create undeniably memorable music by combining various machines together to solve the music puzzles.

You can grab the game, Flea Symphony, right now for iOS for only $0.99. The update is free for anyone who already purchased the game.