THX App Lets Your iPhone Tune Your TV

Tired of all the the remotes, gadgets and control devices you need to fine tune, adjust, modify or tweak your HD home entertainment setup? Well, THX has a solution and it comes in the form of an app.

Mac Rumors spotted the new app for the iPhone that allows you to adjust all sorts of proponents of your HD setup, including testing the display, the speaker connection and more. It’s preferred if the app via the iPhone is connected to the official HDMI adapter to make things easier.

THX’s official description states…

THX tune-up is completely interactive and you will be able to go through it at your own pace and in any order. Use your iPad 2 (or later) or iPhone 4 (or later) to connect to your display or sound system with an AppleTM Digital AV Adapter and HDMI cable or through a wireless Apple TV.

You can adjust the color, tint, contrast, brightness and aspect ratio. Speaker assignment and speaker volume for individual surround sound speaker setups can also be modified and manipulated to suit your listening tastes.

You can grab the THX app for free for one week only, there-after the app will cost a minor $1.99.