500px Returns to iOS With Pornographic Restriction

If you’re into sharing pictures of various activities, you probably gravitated toward the new app 500px. Well, some of the photos appearing on the app were of a pornographic nature and it didn’t sit well with Apple. After a hiatus from the app store, 500px is back but with some major restrictions.

Users can no longer upload or promote pornographic material on the photo sharing app, as reported on by Apple Insider. The app had to be modified, however, in order to be accepted back onto the app store. A new “17 and up” rating had to be added as well as a “Report this photo” option in order to get a photo removed that may violate the “no porn” clause.

Apple is very strict about keeping the iPhone brands clean and pristine and ensuring that they aren’t overburdened with all the porn found on Google’s OS for Android.

Vine, another app that recently launched for iOS, also came under fire when a six-second porn video managed to make it out and about, causing an uproar and a promise for much stronger moderation for future content uploaded.