iPhone App Leads to Real-Life High Speed Police Chase

The Apple iPhone is no push over and you pay for what you get: a kick-butt phone that knows how to deal out justice and take down criminals like one mean-spirited mobile handset. On Tuesday night police entered into a high speed chase against three armed robbers in an attempt to get an iPhone back.

How did the chase commence? Well, it was because of Find My Phone, the app that enables people to track their iPhone.

Bernalwood blog [via Cult of Mac] caught wind of the story as it involved three armed robbers who had been picking off San Francisco residents of their mobile devices. Well, on January 29th the iPhone decided to hit back and hit back hard, leading to a 90mph car chase through the streets of San Francisco, California, making the late great Steve McQueen and the 1968 Fastback Mustang proud.

Find My Phone led to the arrest of the three armed suspects and the residents of San Francisco can sleep well for one more night thanks to that justice-giving app known as Find My Phone. Keep kicking butt and taking names, FMP…you could teach Steven Seagal a thing or two about riding in the headlights of justice and staying as sharp as the sword of truth.