VERSI Granite iPhone 5 Stand Launches

Looking for a really, really spiffy iPhone 5 charging stand? Well, Cool Invent’s VERSI iPhone 5 stand offers all the prestige you’d expect from a stand that costs a breezy $160.

The granite-made stand gives you a lot of style and durability in one package. The built-in charger and Lightning connector make it convenient to hook up the iPhone 5 and let it charge undisturbed.

The SF Gate spotted a quote from maker Dale Rorabaugh, who stated…

“We’re very proud of our new iPhone 5 stand. It complements Apple’s innovative products and offers best-in-class usability, stability, longevity and aesthetics. I paid special attention to the materials and craftsmanship, and I think the results speak for themselves.”

If you want a sculptural-style stand for your iPhone 5 you can grab the Cool Invent VERSI iPhone 5 Stand right now for only $159.99 from the Cool Invent website.