Skifta Streams Content From Your PC to Your iPhone

Do you watch movies or listen to music frequently on your PC but want the same content made available on your mobile device? Well, Skifta, the new app for iOS lets you easily and conveniently stream content from your PC to your iPhone.

CNET has a rundown of the new device, which they claim has a lot of potential but suffers from some crash-worthy bugs on iOS devices.

The app is pretty simple insofar that you install it onto your iPhone or iPad and then install the app onto your PC. You setup an account of sorts for the devices you wish to interconnect and then either stream data via Wi-Fi or or cellular connections.

You can stream photos, music and movies from your PC or Mac straight to your iPhone or iPad. As noted in CNET’s review, the app is still rather buggy but offers a great solution for easily and conveniently getting media from one device to the next and the best part about it is that it’s free.