Baseball Superstars 2013 Launches For iOS

A new baseball title from GAMEVIL has launched for iOS devices called baseball Superstars 2013. The app marks the launch of the title after registering more than 46 million downloads via other devices.

Kyu Lee, President of GAMEVIL USA commented about the new app for iOS devices, which brings voluptuously designed ladies and high-end 3D baseball into one mish-mash of a visually high-octane experience, saying…

“We are excited to release Baseball Superstars 2013 on App Store,” …”The game has been anticipated for quite some time now, and we are sure its improved graphics and overall polish will provide the perfect baseball RPG experience for gamers around the world.

You can grab a digital copy of the game right now, which features crisp HD graphics, sharp hand-drawn cut-scenes, and intuitive controls for both pitcher and batter play, as well as some intense PvP modes.

The game is available for free, right now. All you have to do is grab a copy from the iTunes app store.