iPhone Plus Images Surface

Curious what an iPhone would look like with a near 5-inch screen? Well, one creative mind put his brain muscles to work and produced mockups of a 4.94 inch screen for what’s being dubbed the iPhone Plus.
Mac Rumors spotted the images over on a blog by Marco Arment.

According to Arment, the idea was to sort of inverse the resolution possibilities between the iPhone and the iPad. The idea was to use the iPhone 5’s 1136×640 resolution with the iPad’s 264 pixels-per-inch Retina display and what he ended up with was the 4.94 diagonally-screened iPhone Plus.

So what do you think of the iPhone Plus? Would you pay $700 for a near 5-inch smartphone from Apple?

  • Christian

    Just stupid.. Stay with the sleek and professional look!

  • dannnnyhex

    should say iphone plus “render” images popup.

  • jeffyg3

    Have an iPhone 4, looking to upgrade in July and looking to get out of iPhone because its stuck at the small screen it’s at. Don’t like Android at all, but I’m very impressed with the new Windows Phone 8 OS and Lumia 920, if the iPhone doesn’t get a bigger screen, I’m switching, so yeah, that bigger screen would make me stick to iPhone.