iOS 6 Jailbreak Evasi0n 75% complete – Currently being Beta Tested

The “evasi0n” website has been updated once more. The tool is now 75% complete and is currently being beta tested privately by members of the “evad3rs” team. Although the Windows and MAC OSX version are complete, the Linux version is still being worked on.

Once the beta testing is finished, they are going to be conducting an “extended beta”, however according to pod2g they are getting awfully close to releasing the final product. Which is great news as we are getting close to the rumored Sunday release.

This untethered jailbreak has also been one of the most talked about jailbreak as only a few months ago there was not much hope for an untethered version to be released.

As we have reported before this jailbreak will cover all currently available iOS6 version, which include iOS6.0, iOS6.0.1, iOS6.0.2 and iOS6.1. Stay tuned for more updates surrounding the iOS 6 untethered jailbreak!