iPhone 5 Gets 4G LTE in Kuwait

If you’ve been following the trends of the iPhone 5, not every region gets 4G service but Zain is bringing 4G support to Kuwait.

Zain recently sent out a press release indicating that they would be offering 4G LTE services in the middle-east to eager customers using iOS 6 compatible devices or the iPhone 5, which has been a huge seller for the company.

As stated in the press release…

Zain has continued its pledge of providing its customers with the latest technology “4G LTE” service that is now available on routers, e-GO, Hotspots and a number of handsets.

For those of you living in Kuwait who aren’t with Zain but want all that liquidy smoothness that comes with 4G LTE services will need an iPhone 5 model GSM A1429, which is the only non-Zain compatible iPhone 5 handset that can connect to the 4G services offered by the company.