Pop Rocks World HD Launches For iOS

The new game from Singapore-based start-up, SwagSoft Games, Pop Rocks World HD has officially launched for the iOS.

The game sees players start out as a zero, a wannabe pop-star who has to go through the ups and downs of the industry to hit it big. The game takes on the same kind of career-progress setup like Max Voltage ’95 for the SNES, as players will make friends, get advice and rock the stadiums in their quest to become the next big music superstar.

As stated in the press release…

Everyone who has ever dreamt of being a rock star, a pop sensation, or the next top rap act can rest easy. They might not be doing it in the real world, but they’re free to rise to the top in this vast role playing experience. Pop Rocks World is more than a game. It’s a fun-filled simulation of the type of work and rewards the biggest stars in music go through. Players parlay hard work and a solid dose of luck into stardom.

The game is currently available for iOS 5.0 or higher at the $1.99 price tag. You can purchase a digital copy right now from the iTunes app store.