Sky Pirates Racing Now Available For iOS

Fathom Interactive has announced that Sky Pirates Racing, the aerial kart-racing games for mobile devices, has officially launched for iOS today.

The game had been in beta for quite some time and managed to move up on the charts quite quickly in the racing category of apps for iOS. Well, now the game has secured a release on the iTunes app store, enabling gamers to pick an aerial kart, grab some power-ups and race cross-platform in some intense multiplayer bouts.

As stated in the press release…

Players can race as any of the eight unique characters, or use a wide range of options to create their own characters and improve their Glidewing’s performance. New players start off with 2,000 crystals that they can use to purchase more power-ups, costumes and Glidewing parts from the in-game store.

The game’s release also comes with added support for iPhone 5, making full use of the 4-inch screen and giving gamers a lot more to work with.

You can grab the basic digital copy of Sky Pirates Racing right now for free, from the iTunes app store.