Zombie Typomaniac HD Launches For iOS

Zombie Typomania

Fancy shooting zombies while showcasing your versatile lexicon? Well, Zombie Typomaniac HD is a game for you.

The typing, action-shooter puts players in the role of a hero trying to prevent the zombie apocalypse by typing out words fast and furiously in order to put the zombies down fast and hard. The game sports all sorts of words that players must type out in quick succession using their iPhone.

As stated in the press release…

Rid the town of Spookville of its zombie curse once and for all in this compelling (spelling) test of nerves and skill. Extra help is provided by the bonus health and weapon drops which come your way, but when the Zombie horde is bearing down, it’s fast fingers which bring the firepower.

The game sports 24 different kinds of zombies, 28 different levels and 5 different bosses to defeat. You can grab the game right now for your iOS powered device for only $1.99. Need more info? Feel free to visit the iTunes app store.