Safe Invasion Launches For iOS

Safe Invasion

Want to test your safe-cracking skills? Camp.Gos has announced that their new Safe Invasion will let you throw your safe-cracking weight around for iOS.

The easy-to-play app features various safes that require “cracking”. Players will need to find the right combination to unlock each safe within the proper time limit, as pointed out in the game’s very descriptive press release…

To unlock safes players simply turn a knob left or right while a percent based counter lets them know whether they’re turning it the right way as well as how close they are to the number they’re searching for. Be careful though, nothing but perfection will do and if users don’t stop on the exact number for each of the safe’s 4 part combination they’ll have to start searching from scratch!

The game sports bonus gameplay for those who breeze through each level, four levels of difficulty and designed for those who enjoy easy but time-killing games to…well…kill time.

You can grab a copy of Safe Invasion right now from the iTunes app store for only $0.99.