Mailbox App Requires Reservations For iPhone

Mailbox App

The new app from small time dev Orchestra called Mailbox has gone live for the iPhone. However, not any and everyone can get in on the action, as reservations are required.

Why reservations for an app? Because the app has become overwhelmingly popular in the short span of its release since earlier today and according to CNET the developers don’t want to overwhelm the servers.

So what makes this mail service so great that it requires people to download the app and then get a reservation code? Well, it accesses your Gmail and enables you to quickly, conveniently and easily swipe in the messages you want and swipe out the messages you don’t. You can trash bin messages or have certain messages come with a notification. It’s made for the on-the-go e-mailer who needs something quick and efficient to manage messages.

You can grab the Mailbox app from Orchestra right now for your iPhone from the iTunes app store. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to nab a reservation code.