Quirky iPhone 5 Case Lets You Customize Your Phone

Crossover Case

There are a ton of new iPhone cases being announced once every five minutes, but not all of them are worthy of your attention. A new case from Quirky called the Crossover enables users to customize the look of their iPhone since it’s not really a case.

TUAW has a rundown of the new case from Quirky that is more like a stretchy protector more than anything. The design features two silicone straps that form a protective casing over your iPhone.

The bands can also be used to store stuff like ID or your credit cards, making it an easily accessible asset for those who do a lot of whipping-out of the iPhone and their credit cards.

The Crossover case from Quirky can also be customized with two different color variations, giving you a unique look to the iPhone 5 all your own. The Crossover is available right now for only $34.99 and you can learn more by visiting the Official Website.