Cypress Inheritance Launches For iOS

Cypress Inheritance

The Unreal Engine 3 powered adventure game from Cypress Inheritance LLC has recently launched for mobile devices. The name of the game? Cypress Inheritance.

The game is a challenging kid friendly, family-oriented exploration game where you explore a mansion guarded by a cyborg named Vonya. While you solve puzzles and attempt to get the goods out of the mansion the cyborg and her cronies will attempt to stop you.

Nathan Nazario, Sr. VP, Marketing & Communications, Cypress Inheritance LLC commented about the release of the new game, saying…

“Epic Games has been instrumental in helping us build a family-friendly title that takes mobile gaming to a completely new level,” … “The robust tools in Unreal Engine 3 have enabled us to create a matchless immersion experience that offers players of all ages extraordinary interactivity, stunning graphics and freedom of choice that has yet to be enjoyed on a mobile device, until now.”

The game stars actress Saffron Burrows as Vonya and will help bring an extra level of intensity and fun to the game.

You can pick up a digital copy of Cypress Inheritance right now from the iTunes app store for only $3.99