Major iPhone 5 Overheating Issue Discovered

iPhone 5

It appears if you’re running an iPhone 5 and recently upgraded to iOS 6.1 you may be in for a tough time, as many users are reporting major overheating issues for Apple’s handset after upgrading.

The Next Web has a detailed rundown of the issues plaguing iPhone 5 users, which has seen a huge spike in complaints and concerns on Apple’s forums, mostly involving rapid battery depletion and the iPhone 5 itself overheating.

The actual problem is speculated to spawn from a loop error possibly in Apple Mail or Microsoft’s Exchange, where a function gets stuck and keeps repeating until the program runs out of memory. How exactly this causes the battery to rapidly drain remains to be seen, but the issue is prevalent enough where a fix can supposedly be found for the Microsoft Exchange issue over at DevCentral.

Of course, if you’re still experiencing overheating and battery drainage at an abnormal rate, be sure to contact an Apple representative over on the official forums.

  • Adam Reber

    No issues on my 5 running 6.1 jailbroken even, and I use mail everyday!

    • William Usher

      That’s actually really good news. Too bad about the people who aren’t that lucky.

    • Khaley Kassion Klein

      yeah, I’ve got an iPhone 5 running 6.1 jailbroken too and no issues here as well

  • Nitin

    I have this issue !! My phone is soo heated that it can boil a handful of water in jus mins

    • Idk

      You put a handful of water on ur phone? -facepalm-

  • bill

    I’ve had my i phone 5 for 9 days & it has overheated & will not charge past 30%, i’m taking it back.

  • Dick

    There’s a company called Salt Cases on kickstarter right now that makes cases to help prevent overheating: