Pure Nintendo Magazine Launches For iOS

Pure Nintendo

The iPhone Newsstand feature has received a new app from Pure Nintendo that features a new monthly magazine that covers all things Nintendo.

Justin Sharp, Editor-in-Chief of Pure Nintendo Magazine commented about the new digital app that’s available for both Apple’s iPhone and iPad mobile devices, saying…

“Pure Nintendo’s launch on the Google Play marketplace was a huge success and we are expanding our digital initiative with the launch of the iOS Newsstand version today,”

The subscription for the new digital magazine will run you $9.99 for an annual collection of content covering a collage of Nintendo games and catering to followers of the Big ‘N’.

If you’re into keeping up to date on all things Nintendo then Pure Nintendo wouldn’t be a bad way to go, especially with Nintendo Power, the print magazine, having bit the dust a while back.

You can learn more about Pure Nintendo or grab the app from the iTunes app store.