Bridge Constructor Surpasses 7 Million Users

Bridge Constructor

The iOS title from HeadUp Games called Bridge Constructor has managed to boast an impressive 7 million user figure for Apple’s handset alone.

The upsurge in iOS gamers also came with quite the benefits, as more than 1 million of those 7 million gamers also put money consistently into HeadUp Games’ coffers, proving that the free-to-play sector can be quite lucrative with the right software.

As mentioned in the press release…

With the release of the spin-off Bridge Constructor Playground in December 2012 the brand has also grown constantly. With its improved tutorial, the easier access to the fun side of bridge engineering and the newly introduced reward system this new game is aiming for an ever wider audience.

The game lets you build your own bridges across various conditions and locations, as you attempt to find a nice balance between aesthetics and functionality. You can grab a digital copy of Bridge Constructor right now from the iTunes app store.