1 in 4 British Use Cracked iPhones

Cracked iPhone

Ever heard the phrase: iPhones are about as sturdy as walking around with a glass case in your pocket. No? Well, they are. In fact, one out of every four iPhone owners in the U.K., have a broken iPhone. Seriously.

Into Mobile has an interesting story about a poll conducted by an online mobile insurance company in the U.K., to which 23 percent of those who participated in the poll admitted to having a cracked, damaged or broken iPhone screen. Amazing eh?

What’s more is that 31 percent of the participants felt as if it was unnecessary to get their iPhone fixed. Strange. Still, 51 percent of the participants also noted that they were having issues with their iPhone and most reported that the “home screen” had freezing issues.

I guess a frozen home screen sure beats a cracked screen, eh?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/charles.howell.33 Charles Howell

    Cuz the bloody wankers keep dropping them..get a damned case already.