RØDE Professional Recording Mic Launches For iPhone

smartLav Mic

Media broadcasting and audio recording can be a very expensive hobby or profession. Needing the right tools to conduct interviews or record audio sessions can become taxing and costly if you don’t know where to get the right tools. Well, RØDE recently announced that they have a cost-effective recording mic available right now for iPhone handsets.

Gizmag spotted the new microphone from RØDE that allows users to easily and convenient plug the accessory into the iPhone and attach the smartLav mic to clothing.

The 3.5mm jack also makes it easily compatible and it’s powered by the device it’s plugged into, so if you’re planning on using something like this at tradeshows or for extended interviews it would probably be wise to have an accompanying battery pack for your iPhone as well.

Conveniently enough, the RØDE smartLav microphone is available for only $59.99, which isn’t that bad a price for a high-end recording mic. You can learn more by visiting the official website.